Our Bunny can sit! And how exciting it’s been ploping her down on her bum and watching her sit and reach and play upright – but of course with more time upright comes more opportunity for keeling over.

I’m working hard to find the balance between “helicopter mom” and “laid back-verging on negligent mom” letting her have time and space to explore the world on her own as well as being there to play, care for and catch when needed. But this whole sitting and thus sometimes falling thing is taking that balancing act to it’s next level…

I’ve taken the approach that as long as she’s on soft ground, i.e. foam play mat with blanket or soft carpet or fluffy grass and away from hard edges or corners, I’m going to let her keel over. About 1/2 the time she’s got her hands out in front of her and that is in itself an improvement. It’s interesting to watch as she figures out how to move her body in ways that make the falling seem less accidental and more planned. She’s reaching her arms around, lifting her head and twisting her torso all to both protect herself from the fall as well as to translate that fall into a strategic move – towards a desired toy – or remote/cell phone/ipod (such adult toys are apparently well worth the fall).

Now, not every fall is coordinated but they are more and more and as she’s learning she’s also teaching me – falling is important. It’s a skill we all need to learn – how to take the leap and be willing to fall. How to shake it off and keep going – keep reaching for our goals. I hope I can continue to let her fall (within reason of course) and keep that balance between too laid back and helicopter hovering… I also plan on taking some more leaps of my own despite my own fear of falling.


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